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Server Maintenance Contracts

Server Maintenance Contract Information

Servers have an important role within any business, starting from file, email, web and print services, to providing databases, security and data backups. Therefore, it is important for every business to have a reliable server with good performance to enable uninterrupted business processes.

Basic Server Maintenance Contract

We can provide server system health monitoring and alerting for $69 per month per server. This monthly maintenance contract includes a professional Managed Antivirus Software and free email alerts if your server needs any attention, for example if we discover hard disk errors or need to install fresh security patches. We will let you know what needs to be done, together with the approximate cost, and you can decide if you want us to do the work (*).

Essential Server Maintenance Contract

This contract includes everything from the Basic maintenance contract above, plus we provide security patch installations and remote server tune-up maintenance, thus ensuring that you have a secure and reliable server at all times. It costs $99 per month per server and we will also provide 10% discount on labour (upon your approval) for any other work done on that server (*).

Support Server Maintenance Contract

This contract includes all services from the Essential maintenance contract above plus we will provide unlimited remote server support on that server. The cost is $195 per month and we will also provide 15% discount on labour (upon your approval) for any other work done on the server (*).

Complete Server Maintenance Contract

This is full "all you can eat" server support package, which includes all services from the Support maintenance contract above plus unlimited on-site support for that server in Auckland. The cost is $295 per month and we will also provide 20% discount on labour (upon your approval) for any other work done on the server, for example a new disk installation or memory upgrade (*).

(*) All prices exclude hardware parts and Goods and Services Tax (GST). Contract terms and conditions apply.